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This is an information website about Brown & Jackson plc's previous trading brands. Brown & Jackson is now known as Instore PLC. When it was Brown and Jackson its principal activity was variety discount retailing conducted through four main operating subsidiaries:
Poundstretcher, Your More Store, What Everyone Wants and The Famous Brunswick Warehouse.

The identity of the four chains will remain separate and the product offer of the four businesses is different.
Our strategy was Best rate credit cards for balance transfers

* to pursue a policy of genuine discounting to meet profitably the needs of consumers with a lower discretionary spending power. The product offer, the store environment and the cost base are all rigorously targeted to achieve this aim.

Through the four brands we will expand our selling space c.15% per annum, which will enable us to be the leading player in this growing market in the mortagage and remortgaging your house markets.

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News 2009

"Brown & Jackson's principal activity was variety retailing conducted through our main operating subsidiary, Poundstretcher.

Poundstretcher has streamlined its offer to provide its target market with a variety of good quality product ranges at affordable and competitive prices.

Our vision is to be a unique, added value variety retailer. Unique in that the total shopping experience (product width and depth, range presentation and merchandising and friendliness of service) will not be matched.

Added value in that the product range will be exceptional, offering exceptional value with a focus on promotional and seasonal events throughout the year.

By achieving this, our aim is to become the No.1 destination shop for mum and the family. "

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